by Lisa Jean Allswede

The design and structure of this Manga Unit is set up to explore the different cultural and historical perspectives of Japanese animation. Through technology the students will create Manga characters that have a voice; develop Manga stories that incorporates words and images; be exposed to the streets of Japan; and communicate their ideas with fellow Manga fans in Japan.

Essential Questions:
  • How does manga and anime reflect Japanese culture?
  • How accurate does anime and/or manga characterize the history? What is real? What is fantasy?
  • How does culture influence the creation of anime/manga? How does the artist express the history? How does the history influence the artist?

The unit explores the following technologies:
  • Online Tours at Asian Art Museum
  • Tour Japan in Google Earth
  • Podcasts on Audacity
  • Creating comics/Manga on
  • Voicethread - Analyzing Manga
  • - Global citizenship
  • SurveyMonkey for Peer Reviews
  • Customized Google Search
  • Glogster (back up lesson)
  • Voki (back up lesson)

The final products from this unit will be incorporated into an Eportfolio developed through the school's website, but any teacher could easily have their students create their Eportfolios on wikispaces. In addition, students will submit a hardcopy of the Manga they created in this elective for our students to review and evaluate. The student my choose to draw the Manga by hand or create in it in

The websites used in this unit are noted on the Teacher Reference Page located on the HOME PAGE.

If you have further questions about this unit, please contact Lisa Jean Allswede at